Thursday, March 31, 2016

How To Become a Secret Agent

How to Become a Secret AgentMany penguins that are new to Club Penguin usually want to learn new things about the game after they create a penguin, so I made these Club Penguin Guides to teach all of the new penguins how to become a Secret Agent in Club Penguin! I will also give you all of the answers to the Secret Agent quiz, so that you will be sure to pass the test on your first try! Keep in mind that your penguin must first be 30 days old. Alright, now here is a step-by-step guide on how to become a Secret Agent in Club Penguin. Check it out.
  1. Log on to your penguin account normally.
  2. Once you enter the room, click on the “M” symbol on the upper right of the room.
After you have clicked on the “M” symbol, click on the “Become a Secret Agent” button.
Once you do that, click through all of the pop-ups until you are asked the questions for your Secret Agent quiz. When you take the quiz, you may use these answers to help you complete the test. Keep in mind that these questions may not be in order. Alright, now here are all of the Club Penguin Secret Agent Cheats. Check it out, here’s the guides:
  • Are you ready to become a Secret Agent? (Yes)
  • Pick one quality that you think a Secret Agent should have. (Honest)
  • Pick the correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator. (Being mean or rude)
  • What would you do if you saw a penguin breaking the rules? (Report them)
  • What type of personal information should be reported? (Saying their address)
  • Pick one reason you want to be a Secret Agent. (I want to keep Club Penguin safe)
  • Pick another reason you want to be a Secret Agent. (I want to help other penguins)
Those are all of the answers for the Club Penguin Secret Agent quiz! Once you log back in to Club Penguin, you should see your new Spy Phone! You should now have access to the Club Penguin HQ, which will allow you to complete all of the Club penguin secret missions! You can also teleport to other rooms. Here is what your new Spy Phone should looks like.
That’s how to become a Secret Agent on Club Penguin! More guides can be found at Club Penguin Walkthrough. I hope this guide made it easier for you to become a Secret Agent! Waddle on!

Is Club Penguin to Easy with Walkthroughs?

Quick Intro: My Story

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How easy is Club Penguin with Walkthroughs?

Everybody enjoys a really cool online game like Club Penguin. But, at times it can be really difficult and possibly down right frustrating! Well, let me back up a little bit. First, you have to create an account online here. Then you need to get used to the game. Everyone is a penguin and we all live on an island. We also all live in igloos which is pretty interesting.

Once you get used to your igloo, you should go out and explore the island a little bit. There are plenty of things to do and if you need help you can just go here.

If you ever have a problem getting around the island there are plenty of guides to help you along the way. If you’re interested in tracking some of the cool mascots, there are also trackers to find some of the penguins that live on the island permanently.

And of course, give the missions a try and if you find the missions too hard you can always use a Club Penguin Walkthrough to help you out. Good luck and have fun!