Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Can’t Find the Puffle Handler without a Tracker?

Who Is the Puffle Handler?
Puffle Handler TrackerPuffle Handler, also known as PH, and/or goes by the name of Paige, takes a tremendous amount of care of Puffles around Club Penguin. She loves to play with them, take care of them, and watch them grow and develop. Not to forget, she is very outdoorsy and likes to go on adventures around Club Penguin. In the past she’s pushed hard for the island of Club Penguin to build a Puffle Park. Eventually the Puffle Park went on to be a great area for Puffles. PH usually visits Club Penguin during the Puffle Party once a year.
Tips on Finding the Puffle Handler
  1. Puffle Handler’s appearance stands out as she looks different than other penguins. She is a brown penguin with freckles, long brown hair, and an adventure hat.
  2. Refresh our tracker every 2-5 minutes for Puffle Handler‘s latest location.
  3. Add the tracker to your own site. As mentioned above, copy the given HTML code and paste it onto your website.
  4. Puffle Handler will waddle onto popular servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen. She will waddle into rooms such as the Pet Store, Coffee Shop, Forest, Puffle Park, Puffle Hotel, and Cove. She will also visit member/party rooms.
  5. If you do find Puffle Handler, click on her player card and click on the first button to get your free gift. If you meet her for the first time, you’ll also obtain a stamp for being in the same room as her. Additionally, you can add Puffle Handler to be your buddy.
  6. Puffle Handler changes servers every 10-15 minutes. Refresh this page to get the latest information.
I hope you enjoyed this Club Penguin Walkthrough!

Adopting the Cute Orange Puffle

Adopting a Cute Orange PuffleYou are now able to purchase the Orange Puffle for 400 coins on Club Penguin! You can buy one for yourself at the Pet Shop in the Adopt a Puffle catalog. Here’s what it looks like:

The Orange Puffle is very curious, like the Red Puffle that is adventurous. When you purchase the Orange Puffle, you can do a special dance with it by pressing the D key on your keyboard. After that, the orange club penguin puffle will use a hula-hoop as a toy.

But, one thing Club Penguin forgot about is Puffle Roundup! The Orange Puffle has not yet been discovered in the Puffle Roundup.

Have you found any more Club Penguin Cheats for the Orange Puffle? Be sure to let me know if you find some more!

EDITED: I have found a new Orange Puffle Cheat!

Okay, first you need to go on a walk with the Orange Puffle to the box dimension. Get at least 15 penguins to do the same and when you get there have them all dance. YOU NEED TO BE ON THE SERVER ARCTIC BECAUSE THAT IS ONE OF THE ONLY SERVERS CP HAS NOT UPDATED YET! After you do that one of the groups puffles should jump on the boxes in the box dimension and start dancing! the reason why I said glitch is because when you go back to your igloo your orange puffle is not there! but when you go back to the box dimension it is! If you want to get it back just simply log off then back on


Monday, April 4, 2016

DJ Cadence Tracker

Hey everyone! Today the Member Party has finally arrived to Club Penguin! Woot! If you are a member, you are able to access all of the awesomeness in the Night Club, with 3 new awesome floors to explore and a cool new free item thrown in! Sweet! Alright, now here are all of the Club Penguin Trackers for the Member Party. Check it out.

DJ CadenceThe new free item is the Boom Box, which can be found at the bottom corner of the first floor.

Pretty cool. The Boom Box also has a special dance. If you put the Boom Box on your penguin and take off all of your other items, you will be able to do the special dance by pressing “D” on your keyboard. Sweet. Ok, there is also a new game you can play at the Night Club. If you click on the “Sign Up!” poster, you will be able to play a sweet new game called Dance-A-Thon.

It’s actually a pretty fun game. If you have ever played the video game called Dance Revolution, it is kind of like that – except with your keyboard arrows! Alright, now he is something really neat. If you look at the screen near the corner of the room, you will be able to see your penguin name appear on the screen! Now that’s cool.

This. Party. Is. AWESOME! What do you all think? Tell me what you like about the sweet new Member Party. On a scale from 1 – 10, I would probably rate it a 9. I can tell the Club Penguin Team worked very hard on the party. I wish every Club Penguin party was like this! Oh, sorry if I am making all of the non-members jealous. I’ll be giving away a membership to one of you guys soon…

Ok, now here is the DJ Cadence Tracker that will be sure to help you find DJ Cadence on Club Penguin! Keep refreshing the page often for any DJ Cadence Tracker updates. I have also posted some tips on how to find DJ Cadence below the tracker. I hope the DJ Cadence Tracker & tips help!

DJ Cadence TrackerTips on Finding DJ Cadence in Club Penguin

  • DJ Cadence is a pink penguin that wears a scarf, purple wig, and a set of headphones.
  • She can only be found in the Night Club, the Dance Lounge, and the Rooftop.
  • You can find her on crowded servers most of the time.
  • Her most visited servers include Mammoth, Toboggan, and Crystal.
  • Look closely for any crowds around the Night Club, Dance Lounge, and Rooftop areas. The crowd could be for DJ Cadence.
  • Keep refreshing the page or click here for any DJ Cadence Tracker updates.
  • Join up with some friends and make a DJ Cadence search group and look around servers.
  • Do not give up! I know you could find DJ Cadence if you try! Just keep refreshing the page and use the tracker!

Once you meet DJ Cadence, remember to get the free autographed background from her! Just click the brown box on her player card.

Well, that’s all for now. Remember to keep checking the tracker for DJ Cadence’s exact location!


Aunt Arctic Tracker

Aunt Arctic TrackerAunt Arctic has made another arrival for the Penguin Play Awards this year, and you can use our up-to-date Aunt Arctic Tracker to find her quickly on Club Penguin!

  1. Take note that Aunt Arctic usually logs on to Club Penguin servers with 4 – 5 bars on them.
  2. Aunt Arctic’s most favorite servers to visit are Mammoth, Frozen, Snow Cone, and Blizzard.
  3. Her favorite rooms are Backstage, the Stage, and the Dock. She will most likely be found here.
  4. Aunt Arctic stands out with her purple hair and earphones. You will most likely find a crowd surrounding her.
  5. If you think that you have found Aunt Arctic, click on your buddy list icon and check the users in the room.
  6. Aunt Arctic is always online, check back here for the latest Aunt Arctic cheats.
  7. Refresh the page for the latest Aunt Arctic Club Penguin Trackers update (or press F5 on your keyboard).
  8. One of the easiest ways to find Aunt Arctic is to create a search group with some friends.
  9. Gang up with some friends and help each other find Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin using the tracker above.
  10. If you find Aunt Arctic, comment on this post with his current location immediately after you find her!

Refreshing Aunt Arctic’s location is helpful in case of immediate tracker updates. Comment on this post and tell me if you want me to add any other information about Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Cheats, it would really help. Thanks! Also, leaving a comment on this post with Aunt Arctic’s current location would also help a lot.

How To Make Your Puffles Walk on Igloo Walls

Hey everyone! Today I was able to find some brand new Club Penguin Cheats that are pretty cool, and I think you’ll be interested in them! Here is a Club Penguin Guide that will allow you to make your puffles walk on your igloo walls. This cheat isn’t very difficult, but it may force you to spend some coins on. Here is the Club Penguin Cheat.

How to Make Your Puffles Walk on Igloo Walls

  1. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a few new puffles.
  2. Go to your igloo and buy a new large igloo, like a split level igloo.
  3. Wait for most or some of your puffles to go to the upper part of your igloo.
  4. Edit your igloo and buy a basic igloo.

Once you do that, the Club Penguin Guide should look like this:


How to Make Your Puffles Walk on Igloo Walls


Pretty cool new Club Penguin Guide, right? You can do this with tons of puffles at a time. All you have to do is wait for enough to get near the upper part of the split level igloo, and then just go back to a basic igloo! Cool, right? I will soon be doing a major site update on my page. I will add tons of new ones, and I will remove all of the ones that do not work anymore. Keep checking back! I’ll notify you when the page gets updated.


Friday, April 1, 2016

How to Become a Water Ninja on Club Penguin

Club Penguin Water Ninjas are considered the 3rd generation of Ninjas. Below is a complete Club Penguin guide to becoming a Water Ninja. Note: To become a Club Penguin Water Ninja, you’re going to have to sign up to be a member on Club Penguin! Go here to learn how to create a penguin.

How to be a Water Ninja:

  • Login your Club Penguin account
  • Open up your map and go to the Dojo Courtyard
  • Waddle inside the Ninja Hideout (Click here if you don’t have access to the Ninja Hideout)
  • Click on the blue Water tomb in the middle stairs

You will now be in the Club Penguin Water Ninja, otherwise known as the Waterfall. Talk to Sensei to receive your free Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Starter Deck along with some quick tutorials.

Now you can begin playing Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water and earning your Water Suit. To do so, talk to Sensei and click “Earn your Water Suit”. Like usual, you cannot challenge Sensei until if you’ve received all your Water Ninja items. Similar to the Fire Ninja Suit, there are exactly 4 items to complete the Water Ninja Suit on Club Penguin. Continuously play Card Jitsu Water on Club Penguin to earn each item.

  • Wave Sandals = 8 –10 wins
  • Waterfall Coat = 25 –30 wins
  • Torrent Mask –50 –60 wins
  • Helmet of Oceans –95 –105 wins
  • Water Ninja –Defeat Sensei

You can also view your progress and how close you are to the next Club Penguin Water Ninja item! To do so, click the 3 Card Jitsu cards at the bottom right corner of your screen.

How to Become a Water NinjaHow to play Card Jitsu Water:

Also similar to Card Jitsu Fire, Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water is based on the number of your card. The higher the number of the card, the more of a chance you will win. To play Card-Jitsu, you must get rid of the elements in front of you to jump further away from the waterfall. Defeating each element is similar to the original Card-Jitsu:

  • Fire beats Snow
  • Snow beats Water
  • Water beats Fire

Depending on the size of the element, it may take longer to completely get rid of. If you place the same element on each other (ex. Fire on Fire), the element will grow bigger, causing it to be more difficult to get rid of. Club Penguin Card-Jitsu power cards are recommended, as they are the strongest Card-Jitsu cards and will defeat other elements much quicker.

The first penguin to reach the top will be determined as the winner of the match. The winning penguin will hit a gong that will send the other Club Penguin opponents down the waterfall. 2nd,3rd and 4th place is determined on how close you were to the top.

Once you become a Water Ninja, you will be able to do a special Club Penguin Water Ninja dance. You can do this by wearing the Water Ninja suit and pressing “D” on your tablet or keyboard.

Once you are a Ninja on Club Penguin, your amulet (neck item) will also have a water symbol on it.

Finally, once you are a Ninja with Water skills, the water symbol at the Ninja Hideout will glow in blue.

How to Become a Ninja on Club Penguin

So you want to race through all the belts and defeat the Sensei for a ninja suit? Alright, here’s the Club Penguin Guide you need to follow.

Edit: The Ninja Mask is NON MEMBER, The Ninja Suit is member only (and the rest of the catalog).

How to Become a Ninja on Club PenguinHow to play:

1) Go to the Sensei on the far right of the Dojo and pick up your Starter Deck.

2) Play on a Mat or return to the Sensei to play Competition Mode (Competition Mode earns more experience for Belts).

3) When you face another player, you have Cards of Water, Fire, and Ice. All cards are also labeled with a Color and a Number.

4) Here is the Card Tutorial:

  • Water burns out (beats) Fire.
  • Fire melts (beats) Ice.
  • Ice freezes (beats) Water.
  • If two cards are the same element (Water, Fire, or Ice) then the highest number wins.
  • If the card played last was a 10 with a Symbol Outlining it, Or if you see a sign similar to a Recycle Sign with a 9 and 1 on it, then the next turn the lowest number wins when both elements are the same.

5. To win, You have to have won a Battle for 1 Fire, 1 Water, And 1 Ice, And the card you used to win the Battle has to be a different Colour than the other elements.

Example: You win a dual using a Purple Fire. You already won 2 using a Blue Water and a Red Ice. This gives you wins in all elements of different Colours, You win the match!

6. You can also win by matching the same element 3 times in all different Colours.

Example: You have won duals with a Yellow Fire, A Blue Fire, And a Purple Fire. You have won 3 Fires of different Colours, You win the game!

Getting Into Servers

Are the American Servers too full or laggy for you to Train in? Well, The best thing to do is choose, “Languages” And pick Portuguese. The Portuguese Servers are usually not nearly as full, And you can always bring your Belts back to America once your finished this guide.


On Club Penguin, There is a multitude of Belts to earn, Just like Ti-Quin-Do or Karate. However, Some of the take a long time and a lot of games of Ninja-Jitsu to advance.

White Belt – 5-7 wins

Yellow Belt – Estimated 7-13 more wins

Orange Belt – Estimated 8-14 more wins

Green Belt – Estimated 9-15 more wins

Blue Belt – Estimated 10-16 more wins

Red Belt – Estimated 12-17 more wins

Purple Belt – Estimated 13-18 more wins

Brown Belt – Estimated 14-19 more wins

Black Belt – Estimated 15-20 more wins.

These are just best Guesses.  These apply only in Competition Mode. The time the Match lasts, how strongly you beat your Opponent, And what Belt or experience your opponent has is also a Factor.

How To Beat Sensei

To beat the Sensei, You may think it is hopeless. He’s always one step ahead.

It’s just like any other Belt, You just have to keep facing him, And losing, Until he messes up. Once he messes up, You can destroy him and get special access to the Ninja Room. It will probably take 5 to 10 tries.

Ninja Abilities

When you are in the Ninja Suit, You can go to face items to put on the mask.

If you dance with the Ninja Suite and nothing else on besides Ninja Mask, you will turn Transparent! Now you can and complete the guide on how to become a Fire Ninja!