Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Adopting the Cute Orange Puffle

Adopting a Cute Orange PuffleYou are now able to purchase the Orange Puffle for 400 coins on Club Penguin! You can buy one for yourself at the Pet Shop in the Adopt a Puffle catalog. Here’s what it looks like:

The Orange Puffle is very curious, like the Red Puffle that is adventurous. When you purchase the Orange Puffle, you can do a special dance with it by pressing the D key on your keyboard. After that, the orange club penguin puffle will use a hula-hoop as a toy.

But, one thing Club Penguin forgot about is Puffle Roundup! The Orange Puffle has not yet been discovered in the Puffle Roundup.

Have you found any more Club Penguin Cheats for the Orange Puffle? Be sure to let me know if you find some more!

EDITED: I have found a new Orange Puffle Cheat!

Okay, first you need to go on a walk with the Orange Puffle to the box dimension. Get at least 15 penguins to do the same and when you get there have them all dance. YOU NEED TO BE ON THE SERVER ARCTIC BECAUSE THAT IS ONE OF THE ONLY SERVERS CP HAS NOT UPDATED YET! After you do that one of the groups puffles should jump on the boxes in the box dimension and start dancing! the reason why I said glitch is because when you go back to your igloo your orange puffle is not there! but when you go back to the box dimension it is! If you want to get it back just simply log off then back on


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