Friday, April 1, 2016

How to Become a Water Ninja on Club Penguin

Club Penguin Water Ninjas are considered the 3rd generation of Ninjas. Below is a complete Club Penguin guide to becoming a Water Ninja. Note: To become a Club Penguin Water Ninja, you’re going to have to sign up to be a member on Club Penguin! Go here to learn how to create a penguin.

How to be a Water Ninja:

  • Login your Club Penguin account
  • Open up your map and go to the Dojo Courtyard
  • Waddle inside the Ninja Hideout (Click here if you don’t have access to the Ninja Hideout)
  • Click on the blue Water tomb in the middle stairs

You will now be in the Club Penguin Water Ninja, otherwise known as the Waterfall. Talk to Sensei to receive your free Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Starter Deck along with some quick tutorials.

Now you can begin playing Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water and earning your Water Suit. To do so, talk to Sensei and click “Earn your Water Suit”. Like usual, you cannot challenge Sensei until if you’ve received all your Water Ninja items. Similar to the Fire Ninja Suit, there are exactly 4 items to complete the Water Ninja Suit on Club Penguin. Continuously play Card Jitsu Water on Club Penguin to earn each item.

  • Wave Sandals = 8 –10 wins
  • Waterfall Coat = 25 –30 wins
  • Torrent Mask –50 –60 wins
  • Helmet of Oceans –95 –105 wins
  • Water Ninja –Defeat Sensei

You can also view your progress and how close you are to the next Club Penguin Water Ninja item! To do so, click the 3 Card Jitsu cards at the bottom right corner of your screen.

How to Become a Water NinjaHow to play Card Jitsu Water:

Also similar to Card Jitsu Fire, Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water is based on the number of your card. The higher the number of the card, the more of a chance you will win. To play Card-Jitsu, you must get rid of the elements in front of you to jump further away from the waterfall. Defeating each element is similar to the original Card-Jitsu:

  • Fire beats Snow
  • Snow beats Water
  • Water beats Fire

Depending on the size of the element, it may take longer to completely get rid of. If you place the same element on each other (ex. Fire on Fire), the element will grow bigger, causing it to be more difficult to get rid of. Club Penguin Card-Jitsu power cards are recommended, as they are the strongest Card-Jitsu cards and will defeat other elements much quicker.

The first penguin to reach the top will be determined as the winner of the match. The winning penguin will hit a gong that will send the other Club Penguin opponents down the waterfall. 2nd,3rd and 4th place is determined on how close you were to the top.

Once you become a Water Ninja, you will be able to do a special Club Penguin Water Ninja dance. You can do this by wearing the Water Ninja suit and pressing “D” on your tablet or keyboard.

Once you are a Ninja on Club Penguin, your amulet (neck item) will also have a water symbol on it.

Finally, once you are a Ninja with Water skills, the water symbol at the Ninja Hideout will glow in blue.

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