Monday, April 4, 2016

DJ Cadence Tracker

Hey everyone! Today the Member Party has finally arrived to Club Penguin! Woot! If you are a member, you are able to access all of the awesomeness in the Night Club, with 3 new awesome floors to explore and a cool new free item thrown in! Sweet! Alright, now here are all of the Club Penguin Trackers for the Member Party. Check it out.

DJ CadenceThe new free item is the Boom Box, which can be found at the bottom corner of the first floor.

Pretty cool. The Boom Box also has a special dance. If you put the Boom Box on your penguin and take off all of your other items, you will be able to do the special dance by pressing “D” on your keyboard. Sweet. Ok, there is also a new game you can play at the Night Club. If you click on the “Sign Up!” poster, you will be able to play a sweet new game called Dance-A-Thon.

It’s actually a pretty fun game. If you have ever played the video game called Dance Revolution, it is kind of like that – except with your keyboard arrows! Alright, now he is something really neat. If you look at the screen near the corner of the room, you will be able to see your penguin name appear on the screen! Now that’s cool.

This. Party. Is. AWESOME! What do you all think? Tell me what you like about the sweet new Member Party. On a scale from 1 – 10, I would probably rate it a 9. I can tell the Club Penguin Team worked very hard on the party. I wish every Club Penguin party was like this! Oh, sorry if I am making all of the non-members jealous. I’ll be giving away a membership to one of you guys soon…

Ok, now here is the DJ Cadence Tracker that will be sure to help you find DJ Cadence on Club Penguin! Keep refreshing the page often for any DJ Cadence Tracker updates. I have also posted some tips on how to find DJ Cadence below the tracker. I hope the DJ Cadence Tracker & tips help!

DJ Cadence TrackerTips on Finding DJ Cadence in Club Penguin

  • DJ Cadence is a pink penguin that wears a scarf, purple wig, and a set of headphones.
  • She can only be found in the Night Club, the Dance Lounge, and the Rooftop.
  • You can find her on crowded servers most of the time.
  • Her most visited servers include Mammoth, Toboggan, and Crystal.
  • Look closely for any crowds around the Night Club, Dance Lounge, and Rooftop areas. The crowd could be for DJ Cadence.
  • Keep refreshing the page or click here for any DJ Cadence Tracker updates.
  • Join up with some friends and make a DJ Cadence search group and look around servers.
  • Do not give up! I know you could find DJ Cadence if you try! Just keep refreshing the page and use the tracker!

Once you meet DJ Cadence, remember to get the free autographed background from her! Just click the brown box on her player card.

Well, that’s all for now. Remember to keep checking the tracker for DJ Cadence’s exact location!


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